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Under the supervision: Ariel Lavian

Material: Auricularia auricula-judae, silver, pearl, silk sewing threads, zircon 

Picture: Gabriel Attab 

My project explored the artichoke plant, by looking deep into its heart.

I discovered a conflict in the harmony of different textures, between the soft and the hard, between the many and the individual, the run of time protruding and showing its reproduction mechanism, a mechanism that allows the birth of hundreds of new plants. 

Between two worlds that live side by side, on the one hand organic - where my intervention was limited, and the metal that I processed and designed using classical jewelry techniques on the other hand.

I ended up connecting the two elements to create a serie of jewelry that could be seen as a fusion between the two worlds.

A series of objects that will eventually be dismantled and released as well as a large number of new objects, similar to pollen flying through the wind.

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